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Network design, maintenance and repair

Networks are the centers of our computer communication and connection to other network systems, including the web. A network is a crucial part of small and large businesses.

James May Consulting can design a new network and server system from scratch, upgrade your current network capabilities or perform an analysis to optimize the power of your current network engine.

365 Support, every day

Wireless and hardline connections

Servers, switches and routers

Cabling and installation

Diagnostics and optimization

Virus and Malware removal

Network sharing directories

Security solutions and data protection

Backup for email and data

Special permission directories

Server environment design & cooling

Network printing, scanning, fax, email

Antivirus and Spyware removal

Part-time systems managers

Mobile phone communication

Server-side software e.g., Sharepoint

Network to network connections

Remote desktop connections

Basic training for shared directories

Memory and driver upgrades

Physical network transfers

Support existing network managers

"What is right for one company may not be appropriate for another, so our goal is the best fit for longevity and growth."

—James May, Owner





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