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PC Computer Repair

While computers are more dependable than we realize, they require specialist attention like any other machine. Proper and regular maintenance will reduce surprise issues and serious down time. Whether it’s a hardware or software issue we can get you back on the road.

Contact James May Consulting to perform diagnostics and repair on individual systems or enterprise groups to ensure your computing performance is at its optimum. Our services include:

365 Support, every day

Diagnostics and optimization

Virus and Malware removal

Operating System Restoration

Hard drive data recovery

Firewall optimization

Crash recovery

Sensitive data security

Work center design and connection

Printer service and repair

Internet optimization

Network printing, scanning, fax, email

New tower or laptop setup

Software restore and training

Service Packs and Software patches

Hardware repairs and upgrades

Basic training for maintenance

Remote desktop connections

Audio visual hardware connections

Using the internet for upgrades

Memory and driver upgrades

Back ups to Cloud technologies

Synchronization with smart phones

"Think of your computer as you do your car … if your PC isn’t running as it was designed to, you’re not going anywhere as smoothly as you should be."

—James May, Owner






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